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Shearson approaches customer service with a unique structure that makes our firm shine above the rest, the Shearson Team. Each member of our team has a specialty – an area that he or she has excelled in for many years. While at many of the larger firms a client may be matched with one broker for all decisions and transactions, at Shearson, the client may be in touch several of us. We’re small enough to work as a team, making the best recommendations for our clients’ total financial picture.

With an average of 30 years of business experience among our principals, our team welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

The way you choose to invest your money is your future.​

Above all, you must be comfortable with the choices presented to you by a qualified securities broker. At Shearson, we examine a client's objectives and current asset allocation, recommending strategies to help achieve your goals. We'll do everything possible to explain our recommendations, and then help the client decide.

Free Consultation​

At Shearson there is no charge for your initial consultation. Perhaps you need to make adjustments to respond to a changing market or are currently working with a larger firm and desire a second opinion and some new ideas. We will be pleased to offer our expertise for your financial well-being.


Shearson is happy to work with a client's other professional advisors such as lawyers, bankers, and accountants to help provide a well-rounded plan that is based on all available information.

Full-Service Retail & Institutional Brokerage Services Encompassing:

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Non-Proprietary Products

Clients Responsibilities​

What we ask of you, our customers​

Relationships which grow stronger over time require two-way communication, honesty, integrity, and trust-on both sides. We’re up front about what we expect from you:

Tell us when significant changes in your income, health, goals, or lifestyle, would reasonably require an adjustment to your financial goals.

Be honest, or perhaps more importantly, candid about your past investment experience, problems you've had, and misunderstandings which could have been avoided.

Where do you want to be financially in five, or ten, or more years? How nervous are you about volatility in markets? How influenced are you by rumors and tips by friends and relatives. "Where you want to be" is the key to the way we tailor your investments.

Always let us know "where you are going?" literally and figuratively. Whether it's a world cruise for a year; three months in the mountains, or a five-year delay in retirement plans.

How can we truly help you? A second opinion? A plan for college? Tax-advantaged issues? We need to know at the outset how we can be of service.

Be brutally honest. Our conversations and meetings are private. We don't discuss your business with other clients. You're asking us for a financial checkup and prescription. We need to know your history and symptoms. Remember: All customers have a right to be involved in the financial planning that impacts their lives!

Our Leadership Team

Serving the financial industry since 1986

Specialty: U.S Government and Agency Bonds, Collateralized Mortgage Obligations; Bond Portfolio Evaluation; Expert Witness

A former institutional bond trader in New York for JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Nikko, and Prudential Securities, Jed has gained such respect in the financial arena that he has consulted for  many of the largest banking and brokerage institutions in the world on Agency and Government bonds. He has consulted for the FBI, SEC, FINRA and major financial institutions, Jed’s vision and high standards have driven the firm to success in its unique team approach. In addition to Mr. Kaplan’s investment industry qualifications,

Jed possesses a passion for sports management. Jed Kaplan has been involved in the basketball business for many years. First as a minority owner of the NBA “G-league” Erie Bayhawks he then went on to purchase the Iowa Energy which was recently sold to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jed Kaplan is also a minority owner of both the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA and Swansea City of the English Premier League

Steven Grossman


Serving the financial industry since 2001

Specialty: Corporate Management; Retirement Planning, Rule 144 Expertise, Equity Execution

Steven Grossman has an extensive and diverse background in corporate management, as formally he was the Regional Manage for a major staffing firm overseeing more than 200 employees. Currently licensed with his series 7 and 63 securities licenses, he is also a FINRA series 24 Principle, Financial and Operations Principle and Municipal Securities Principle. Steven oversees the firm’s daily operations and continuously supports all registered representatives’ efforts to further develop and enhance business relationships. Furthermore, Steven continues to provide portfolio management and retirement strategies for his clients.

Should you be a motivated professional and further possess an interest in providing the best of attentive service for the client, we invite you to contact Shearson.

Mark Scheinbaum

Managing Director

Serving the financial industry since 1983.

Specialty: Investment strategy; asset allocation.

Mark guides clients in money management, financial planning, and asset allocation including international funds, growth and income vehicles, and closed end funds.

A life and Annuity agent, Mark is an FINRA Certified Arbitrator, as well as a former manager and foreign currency options principal at Josephthal & Co., NYSE.

Eric Blau

Director of Portfolio Management

Serving the financial industry since 1984

Specialty: Portfolio management; trusts.

Eric has experience in trading and lending Eurocurrency while residing in London.

He handles insurance, options, currency options, and municipal bond evaluations. He structures portfolios for trust accounts, foundations, and partnerships. He also assists clients with estate settlement.

Douglas Ellman

Managing Director

Serving the financial industry since 1987

Douglas K. Ellman has been managing client’s portfolios with a keen sense of successful investment strategies. In adding to holding his series 7 & 63 securities licenses, Douglas is a NYSE principle (series 8), FINRA Principle (series 24), and holds his Life and Annuity License. Should you require Douglas’ services feel free to contact him at your convenience for an objective consultation.

Richard Hollan

Serving the financial industry since 1985

Richard is the Managing Director of the Houston office of Shearson Located in the energy quarter along I-10. 

Richard’s area of expertise is in assisting institutions in developing an investment program that will maximize return, while remaining well within the risk profile of the institution. Richard has extensive experience in assisting mid-size institutions. He has a thorough knowledge in all areas of the government bond markets. Richard carries multiple securities licenses including, Series 7,63,24 and 53.

Richard is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He and his wife have lived in Katy, Texas, for over 25 years. 

Bob Dzik

Serving the financial industry since 1980

Bob has worked with financial institutions and individuals since 1980. He began his career with Westcap Securities and worked for Royal Bank of Canada before becoming an independent representative at Shearson.

Bob focuses exclusively on Fixed Income Securities including Municipal, Mortgage Back, and Corporate securities. He has many long-established contacts within the investment community. He lives in Houston, Texas, but is originally from Donora, Pennsylvania. Bob is married to Lois Dzik, and they have two children. Bob holds a Series 7 and a Series 63 license.

Justin Dzik

Vice President

Serving the financial industry since 2009

Justin graduated from Texas Christian University in 2009 with a degree in entrepreneurship management. He started his career with Royal Bank of Canada, and then joined his father as an independent representative.

Justin’s expertise is Fixed Income Securities. He trades and filters product with the financial street.  He also helps community banks, money managers, and high net worth individuals with their fixed income portfolios. Justin often visits family and clients in Pennsylvania. He was born in Houston, Texas. Justin holds a Series 7 and a Series 63 license.

About RBC Clearing & Custody

RBC Clearing & Custody is a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.  RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is one of the nation’s largest full-service securities firms. RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of, and separate legal entity from, Royal Bank of Canada. Royal Bank of Canada does not guarantee any debts or obligations of RBC Capital Markets, LLC.

Shearson has a contractual agreement with RBC Clearing & Custody, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, to serve as our clearing firm. This fully disclosed clearing agreement states the responsibilities of each party. Prior to the agreement becoming effective, RBC Clearing & Custody is responsible for making all disclosures to our firm’s designated examining authority as required by FINRA Rule 4311.  Each client of our firm is notified of the relationship via a disclosure letter. The disclosure letter details the responsibilities that our firm (the introducing broker-dealer) and RBC Capital Markets, LLC (the clearing firm) have to the client. Although client assets are held by RBC Capital Markets, LLC, neither RBC Capital Markets, LLC, nor its parent company, Royal Bank of Canada, has responsibility for the financial condition or performance of our firm or our financial professionals.

SIPC & additional coverage for client accounts

Our clearing firm, RBC Clearing & Custody, is a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC is a nonprofit membership corporation funded by its member security broker-dealers. SIPC protects the securities clients of its members in the event of the failure of a member firm. SIPC reimburses clients the cash value of their securities up to $500,000 per client.  Any lost cash in a client’s account would be reimbursed by SIPC up to $250,000 (reducing the $500,000 above). RBC Capital Markets, LLC, purchases an additional policy that offers coverage in excess of the protection provided by SIPC. This coverage covers lost securities and cash protection up to $99.5 million per client, of which $900,000 may be in cash in addition to the SIPC limit. A $400 million aggregate limit applies to this additional coverage. Note: Neither SIPC protection, nor protection in excess of that offered by SIPC, covers a decline in the value of a client’s assets due to market loss. Additional information is available upon request or at

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